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Unlock your potential through design.


About studio.exe

A millennial freelance designer with a passion for helping companies unlock their true potential.


I believe that design thinking is a powerful tool to solve complex issues and create meaningful impact. By combining my expertise in graphic design and marketing, I strive to deliver exceptional results for my clients.


With a deep understanding of design thinking principles, I approach every project with a problem-solving mindset. I love diving into the complexities and challenges that businesses face, seeking innovative solutions that drive success. Through collaborative efforts, I work closely with my clients to uncover insights, understand their goals, and craft strategies that make a tangible difference.


One of my superpowers lies in translating complex data or powerful stories into visually captivating graphics. Whether it's visualizing intricate data sets, simplifying complex concepts, or telling compelling brand narratives, I use the power of visuals to create a seamless connection between information and audience.


But I don't stop at design alone. My background in marketing allows me to go beyond aesthetics and focus on achieving the maximum impact for my clients. I understand the importance of aligning design with marketing strategies, ensuring that every visual element serves a purpose and resonates with the target audience.


Together, we can transform your business, unravel the complexities, and unleash its true potential. If you're ready to embark on a creative journey that combines design thinking, visual storytelling, and marketing expertise, let's connect and make a lasting impact.

Studio.exe owner Marijke Pomstra
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